Labour saving?

I don’t have time to blog this properly, but I have to get it off my chest.

Actually, the lack of time is ironic.

I am surrounded by things which are supposed to make my life easier. And they do, immeasurably. Until they don’t.

My laptop no longer talks to my printer. Anything which I need to print, therefore, I have to email to myself, then print from my phone. It’s amazing that this is even possible, but it would be kinda nice if “print” just worked on the laptop.

My smartphone is wonderful, but the phone bit is a thing of the past.

My car window is stuck. I don’t know why. So that needs sorting, as well as the defective seat which means we can carry one child fewer than we should be able to. Oh, and the faulty dashboard lighting which only comes when it feels like it.

The video doesn’t work. I’ve just spent 20 minutes trying to put in a disc to keep a poorly No1 entertained for a while, in the vain hope of being able to get something done.

The shower’s blocked. The washing machine leaks. The professional website I rely on is frozen & won’t let me update my details. The tax office have lost my address. Some Christmas presents I bought are faulty, and some others have vanished in the system and won’t turn up at all.

None of it is insurmountable, but it just leaches time away, and I spend hours and hours and hours just to get onto the starting blocks. I sometimes wonder if all these fantastic bits of technology really do save us time in the long run?


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