When it all pans out

Just as the streets of London aren’t paved with gold, nor is that other destination of dreams, parenting.

What seemed from the other side like an earthly paradise of hopes realised and longings fulfilled, is, all too often, a humdrum existence much like before, with the same chores to be done, only with the added burden of one or more small people to keep alive over the course of the day and raise into some state of civilised being.

But then, of course, in all the swirling murky eddies of everyday life are the nuggets of gold.

A chubby arm snaked around my neck and a sleepy head nestled under my chin. A smacking kiss planted firmly on my lips. A gleam of delight in a little boy’s eyes as he tells a (funny) joke for the first time and makes his audience laugh. A lapful of cuddles and giggles.

And, quite suddenly, it’s a fairy tale after all.


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