August – three things I love

Blame the sun, but in a bit of a departure (Look! No ranting!) and mainly because I don’t want to spam up Twitter, three things I am loving and would like to recommend. Wll, strictly speaking, two recommendations and an observation.

1. Sunsense Daily Face SPF 50+
I am, as I may have mentioned on more than one occasion,a redhead. Ginger, if you will. Whatever, I don’t do sunshine. I have burned in February in Scotland. I have burned while shrouded in a wrap under a parasol. I love the summer, but ideally would enjoy it from a position of deep shade. That not being possible, what with having a life and all, I know more than I would wish to about sunscreens.

This stuff, Australian, is fab. It has a light tint, so it doubles as make-up for those of us freckled mortals who can’t do foundation without looking like a Noh mask. It doesn’t stink of fish, which is more than I can say about other facial suncreams, and it doesn’t make my face look like it’s been coated in chip fat.

The brand was recommended by a friend whose small son is similarly Titian, and once I’ve used up our Soltan mountain on the children, I’m tempted to try out the rest of the range.

2. PlusPlus bricks
Lego has been a disappointment thus far. The kits are so specific, that once you’ve made the X Wing Fighter, or the Mines of Moria, or the ice cream shop (am not a fan of the Lego Friends concept full stop, but that is another story) the children are reluctant to break them up and the pieces don’t easily lend themselves to general imaginative play.

After a bit of research, we bought some of these for No2’s 6th birthday. We went for the mini ones, in pastel colours, and apart from terrifying my mother in law by looking like dolly mixtures, they have been a big hit. All three of the children are enjoying playing with them – the 2 year old just experimenting; his sister copying some of the examples, and the 7 year old working on more complex 3D shapes and structures. There are no instructions, but it is a lovely, tactile and versatile toy (which packs away into a teeny tiny box) and a range we’ll be exploring further.

The Kid Who, the online store where we bought them, is stuffed full of interesting toys (and decor and clothes etc) which are a bit different – a definite bookmark when looking for inspiration for presents.

3. Children
This one possibly goes without saying (and is slightly tongue in cheek), but I love having my older two at home and we are all enjoying these holidays so much more now that No3 is a proper little boy. Days out and lazy days in are both a lot easier with three children rather than two and a baby; there are still squabbles and tantrums (and I’m as bad as they are) but walking, talking and being able to join in games just makes everything more manageable. Doubtless there are some little ones who are happy to sit in a pushchair or whatever and watch their older siblings enjoying themselves, but No3 was never one of them. It makes me sad that the baby days are done, but I am so looking forward to having three children.

Normal grumpiness will be resumed soon.


5 thoughts on “August – three things I love

  1. My kids love the long summer holidays, time to chill out, see friends, roam around, be bored, chat to me and hubbie. Lovely.

  2. Sali Hughes recommends sunsense, thus I am a fan.
    I totally agree with the whole lego thing – You can buy boxes of just bricks of lego, I think they do about one now, which is what I brought whilst mumbling about how in my day, you used your imagination, it wasn’t all kits and then what, blah blah blah. Then my son discovered the figures and really all he wants is the figures, so now I buy just them off ebay. In my day, you made your own figures with a four-er. anyhow.
    I’m glad you’ve had a lovely summer, I’ve been surprised how nice mine was.

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